Fresh, wild and chic 212 VIP WILD PARTY is the latest limited edition fragrances for him and her born into the 212 VIP universe. Evoking the brilliance of wild party nights, 212 VIP WILD PARTY is both fascinating and unforgettable.

212 VIP MEN WILD PARTY is the signature of the masculine VIP tribe and combines strong yet sensual ingredients. The 212 VIP MEN WILD PARTY man is extroverted, irresistible and full of fun born to enjoy the magic of the night.

The 212 VIP MEN WILD PARTY is a never endless silage of the vibrant woods and the sensuality of the black pepper is twisted with aromatic violet leaves to create a surreal wild chic attraction. Initial notes of fresh citrus caviar lime and spirituous iced apple are followed by gourmand spicy woody tones creating an eclectic sensuality through the boldness of the most sought after scents.

The solid glass bottle for both fragrances is engraved with a vibrant palm tree print for freshness and novelty with a strong metal cap to maintain the link with the original VIPs.

For 212 VIP MEN WILD PARTY the 100ml translucent black bottle comes in a bold and extravagant silver outer pack that invites you to take a walk on the wild side.