We caught up with Hassan Akhras, founder of The Arab Watch Guide, to discuss his latest ventures and his upcoming projects.

What pushed you to create your own products and take your blogging to the next level?

I have wanted to design complementing accessories for our watches for a while now but never had the time to do so until few months back when I dedicated my full time for AWG. At that time, I had a design idea in mind and was able to execute it faster as it was clear in my head on how to do it. This is the series of many hopefully.


Why Bracelets and where did the idea come from?

I personally wear bracelets all the time with my watches to accompany them, and for that I decided instead of being under the mercy of other designers, why not create something of my own that would speak to me and the region.

The Horse head and tail are part of my logo and also they are the link to our Arabian heritage we are so proudly fond of. “Bangles” as they are called, are very trendy these days and you see many guys and girls wearing them, so I decided to make the first creation as a bangle and then branch out into different designs later on.


Describe the range, colours and their audience?

At the moment, we have one design with the bracelet in Solid Silver and the Horse Head as the main trademark. There are five versions of the bracelets: they come in solid silver, in black rhodium, in Rose Gold plating, in Mate Gold finish and in Matt black finish. The bracelets are unisex, both men and women are wearing them and they come in three different flexible sizes depending on the wrist.

You also designed a watch with Arminstrom tell us more about it?

We collaborate with Arminstrom to release their first Middle East edition of 10 pieces from the Gravity line. The watches are all numbered from one to 10 and they come in Steel. The case back has a beautiful calligraphy engraving about time and the dial is in “Arabic” numerals to match the theme of the calligraphy.

It is an automatic watch where the micro rotor is visible on the dial and the colours were chosen to be light blue and brown referring back to our Arabian heritage of sea and desert.

Every watch is also accompanied by a Dilusso Surprise box which includes a watch winder, watch pouch, an Edelberg pen, a Golden Cigar, pocket squares, bracelets, a canvas painting of the watch and finally a visit to the manufacture of Arminstron in Biel. All those gifts and the watch were sold for USD 12K

Where can our readers purchase your products?

My bracelets can be bought online in our shop www.arabwatchguide.com/products-page, directly through me and soon we will be placing them in selected store across the region.